Coastal Candle Collection

Coastal Candles

DecoFLAIR’s decorative collection of seascapes candles will bring the ocean right to your door step. Designed to resemble the calmness of the sea, these ocean themed candles will replicate treasured memories of great times at the shores.

And believe us, these candles don’t go unnoticed on shelves, tables, or bathroom countertops. From a starfish sea scene to a seahorse candle holder, our assortment of sculpted candles and candle holders are great for drawing attention or creating emphasis in an outdoor themed room or home—and they make a clever gift for any of your adventurer-type friends or relatives. Whether you’d like to calm the ambiance in preparation for a relaxing, quiet evening at home, or to freshen the lingering daytime air, a beautiful decorative candle is the perfect last touch to any room in the house. Learn more about our collection at DecoFLAIR today! For more candle choices please see our garden candles and aspen candles selections.

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