DecoGlow Collection

The sharp, flooding light of a fluorescent or incandescent bulb is no match for the homey comfort of a flickering candle flame. Whether it’s used to calm the ambiance in preparation for a relaxing, quiet evening at home, or to freshen the lingering daytime air with a soothing scent, a beautiful decorative candle is—almost always—the perfect last touch to any room in the house.

Featuring a variety a fragrances, styles, shapes, and colors, Deco Breeze’s decorative candle collection is sure to shed light on something that’s just right for your home, or as a gift for that special someone. Take a look through our selection and choose from our playful, themed, or sentimental unique candles; find luxury, rejuvenation, and balance with a candle from our aromatherapy offerings; kick off your Christmas decorating with one of our inventive holiday candles; or simply select a great new charmbiance candle for the décor in your home.

From fun, decorative candles themed for teenagers, teachers, holiday greetings and more, to elegantly crafted pillar candles available in natural or vibrant colors and pleasing scents, Deco Breeze offers an array of options when you’re looking to bring new light to your home. Learn more about our collection at Deco Breeze today!

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